Quickbooks online or Windows 10 VNC?

Accountant goes to home office to work on clients home office computer in Quickbooks Pro 2019. Suddenly can’t show up on location any longer. What to do?!

I figure it comes down to: is migrating to an online Quickbooks version easier than setting up remote access?

Initial questions:

  • Is there a clean migration path from Quickbooks Pro 2019 to an online version?
  • Which VNC warez to choose?

A quicklook at Quickbook…s

I haven’'t paid close attention to Quickbooks in a spell. I recall there being specific features in the desktop version that were unavailable in the online subscription.

  • What should I look out for in feature-loss?
  • Are there clear reasons to choose one version over another?

Windows inside windows inside windows…

Fortunately (I think… :thinking:) both computers in the remote connection will be Windows 10. The home office is standard home office setup, primarily wifi.

  • What is the simplest remote access software to use?
  • Any Windows 10 gotchas?