Replace XPS13 battery

This morning my laptop has the blinking amber light at the front, and can’t stay on with battery power alone.

Various Dell support channels say to remove the battery, reset computer, put back in, maybe it works. Static discharge.

  • Power off
  • Remove the battery from the laptop
  • Disconnect the AC adapter from the laptop
  • Press and hold in the laptop power button for 8 seconds
  • Replace the battery into the laptop
  • Reconnect the AC adapter to the laptop
  • Power on
  • Check the Battery Meter

That’s for XPS15, but its the same instructions.

Gah, glad I launched that site and am in a good place to fix this right now. Gonna look at repair guides to see what I need to operate. I’ll try detaching and reattaching before replacement, because that would be great! :slight_smile:

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Ordered replacement battery from company called BattPit. Such a trust worthy sounding name…

Received battery, if enough energy I’ll replace this tonight. :slight_smile:

And done! It was very straightforward, following the directions at Dell XPS 13 Battery Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide.

One of the battery screws stripped, so I didn’t put it back on… let’s see what happens!

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