Replays as a hobby

I’ve got this… idea? Anyhow, it is the culmination of a lot of stuff, and I need somewhere to document at this moment, while I’m setting it up.

Okay, basically it’s like this: I’m ready to begin processing the cultural artifacts I’ve been gathering all my life. As a game. And commentary. Two great flavors, together at last!

What I mean is, I’ve tried so many ways to explain information, and either I am deficient in communication (likely), or humans respond the best to a story (also likely).

The issue I’ve had is that my thoughts on the matter are a hypermedium. I needed the correct adapters to focus the narrative. Now I might have it… the tools, and the resources.

It will look something like this:

  • I will produce a role playing game experience for a group of friends
  • I will produce a replay of that experience for public consumption
  • I will also produce all the auxiliary materials, just all at once

This is a step to being my true self: for so long I’ve been stuck on what others are doing, and it’s so boring and not meeting my needs. So I’m going to produce a new way to communicate.