Replying to @maiki's really old posts when they appear

Continuing the discussion from Debunking the 'gender brain' myth:

Heya @maiki, what’s your opinion of replying to really old threads?

Pro: it’s kind of fun and silly! It’s a lite version of refutations.

Con: well, it’s really old; instead, we could create new linked topics.

Do you prefer one or the other way of engaging with Very Old Content? =)

I think it’s really fun that you’re moving stuff into talkgroup, by the way!


I’ve been doing this for weeks, and only today for the first time did someone (Judy) almost reply before I had time-switched the post.

First of all, I have no issues with replying at all. If I personally don’t want replies going somewhere, I close the thread. I rarely close threads. One day I will, when we archive stuff, because archiving means taking it off our active server here and storing it responsibly for the future, in read-only. Talkgroup is active discussion.

Here’s the thing: I can only timestamp the original post… and all the replies get relatively timeswitched.

So… don’t reply until the discussion has merged with the original timeline! :slight_smile:

Uh, fuck off! It’s the advanced version! It has multiplayer, for one! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Haha, I’ll just keep haphazardly doing both or either when I feel like it! I like having a playground. Thanks =)