Repo: the Genetic Opera (2008 film)

I didn’t exactly like it, but it had Giles from Buffy, Paris Hilton, and SARAH BRIGHTMAN, and these snappy stylish comic book frame interludes, and a lot of octave jumps, so I watched the whole thing. I didn’t know it was really Sarah Brightman until the end credits. Throughout the whole thing, I’d kept thinking, “we could never have had this without Andrew Lloyd Webber.”

It was very strange.

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I’m really into Sarah Brightman and so this obscure thing was on my radar when it came out. It’s been a while since ive watched it. And its not great but I enjoyed it, but its a very very strange peace. Sort of a cyberpunk meets andrew lloyd weber with the aesthetics of donnie darko.

Brightman was once again trying to transition into a film career at the time, but that was never going to be a good gateway for that.

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I still walk around saying “surgery. SURGERY.”

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