Restless mind

It is 5:06AM, and I have been awake for just about 12.5 hours. I plan on staying up for at least that long, so I will most likely be resting peacefully in 24 hours. This is how I do the math for my sleeping patterns.

I am enjoying a cup of Paris Tea, and I doubt it will be the last caffeinated beverage I drink today. I am attending TransportationCamp West today and tomorrow, and normally I would have adjusted my sleep cycle to line somewhat up with the event, but there were various things that allowed me to be distracted enough to no do so.

I started playing EVE Online a few days ago. If I stick with it (I am playing the trial account right now), I will write more about it. It is loads of fun, of course, and I like specific parts of it, but the biggest thing that stands out is how resistant it is to grind. The back story and game play encourages one to play boldly. I can see why people get really into it.

Jason is sleeping in our tiny living room. It is actually quite accommodating, since we use the top mattress we were using, for guests (it is also handy for traveling, since we can bring it with us on road trips!). Due to a miscommunication or something, he is visiting the weekend I will be in the city, but it works out okay. We spent last night catching up, which pretty much destroyed my chances of sleeping during the night. It was completely worth it.

Since he was up we watched the latest episode of Naruto. That was really exciting, both because the story is fascinating and continues to evolve, and because a hail storm erupted during the combat, with thunder shaking the house from afar. I apologize to any theoretical peasants I made fun of for being ignorant; thunder is indeed scary, and if I weren’t fortunate enough to have grown up in this age I would be hard pressed to not think the gods were up to something with each rumbling.

I think I am going to get ready early and go to SF earlier than I had planned. The unconference is near the 16th Street BART station, so I will see how wonderfully ugly and beautiful that part of the city is when it wakes up.

Also, I expect to die one hour into the conference, around 10AM. I will have procured an elixir of the Jolt or Bawls variety, and will be reborn about ten minutes later. That’s the plan.