The primary always hangs out on the left side (riders left).

ARGH the instructions are VERY unclear on this so i put them on backwards on my front wheel

that’s wrong lol

instead of removing them, i turned the wheel around, which might be bad because the DRIVE–> arrow is now going the wrong way. but check it out!

unfortunately the back wheel’s secondary track (on the right side) never got the accelerometer right and after i tried adjusting the cable, it doesn’t light up at all anymore. =P

i just heard they discontinued them two years ago so these are retro now haha

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Aww, too bad. I really loved these conceptually. They always looked wonky in person.

I used to fantasy-buy a Mission bike about twice a year, and always include theses. :slight_smile:

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I fantasy-buy a Mission Bike with that frequency, too! lol.

Have you heard of Tokyo Bike? I have seen one in person recently and it was just gorgeous.

of course, i have a public bike (the brand, not like a people’s bicycle lol). if we were all made of money, clover would have a Shop PUBLIC C7 24" Kid's Bike from PUBLIC Bikes – Public Bikes :laughsob:

just logging: the day after i started this thread, i took the front wheel off again and remounted the revolights so the wheel tread is going in the correct direction.

i still haven’t gone for a nighttime bike ride yet! i did a quick day one about three days ago and it was fine with the added (not that much) weight. didn’t change how i ride.

it does change how i lock my bike. i used to carry two u-locks. now the smaller one doesn’t fit around the revolights plus tire plus frame. so i’ll use an old krytonite cable!

Damn, that seems like a really important detail! Imagine folks dropping however much $ on those, and then having to get a new lock. :grimacing: