Saving ssh and other keys

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I wanted to have a discussion about backing up credentials. How do ya’ll backup your credentials? :slight_smile:

I have an encrypted backup of my home directory somewhere not on my laptop, and that’s it. I know some of you sync your password vault to your mobile, something that could potentially be nice to have, but I’m nervous about that, and I wouldn’t mind figuring out why. :thinking:

ssh keys get stored in my encrypted keepassxc/keepassdx database. Per: Password management 2019 check-in

The encrypted database itself is mirrored to multiple machines for redundancy. (Previously via syncthing, now by NextCloud.). Nextcloud data and the various device filesystems are encrypted. For doubly encrypted safety. Nextcloud has versioning in place to protect against synchronizing some corruption to the database. Nextcloud is also periodically backed up by BorgBackup. (again encrypted).

Once a year (usually shortly after new years) I make a plaintext backup of the database to a thumb drive and I store that in a safe,secure and fire-proof place.

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@trashHeap are you still using syncthing? We don’t keep a home WiFi network, and my clients can’t fond each other on other networks, and I didn’t want to use announce servers… so I’m leaning more on Nextcloud these days.

Not since I completed:

I only talked about de-emphasizing syncthing for everything over there. But in practice I ended up swapping over to nextcloud for everything.

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