Sega Genesis Games

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I’m about to flip a whole bunch of stuff back to my local used bookstore including an old PS3 which was mostly doing multimedia duties; and im going to see about using it to subsidize the cost of a Sega Nomad with LCD mod. I’ve been fascinated with the Nomad ever since I realized it existed, but only heard about it shortly after it was exiting US markets. I was also mostly a SNES kid but the Console Wars book coupled with my lack of experience with the other side of that fence has had me both interested and fascinated in the 16bit era Sega stuff.

I think im going to ignore PC gaming for a bit, and just burry myself in Genesis titles and my Switch. I’ve also got an indipedent local retro game shop that deserves more love from me.

Anyway… Anyone on Talkgroup got any Sega Genesis games to recommend? Or are curious about that I should be evaluating?


Heyo! I grew up with a Genesis so I can recommend you some good ones.

We can start with Mega Bomberman, Vectorman, Streets of Rage 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Phantasy Star 4(Or any of the Phantasy Star series).

Shining Force series, Aladdin, General Chaos, Road Rash 2 and 3, Flashback, Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition.

Golden Axe series, Mega Turrican, Cyborg Justice, Outrun, Gunstar Heroes, Dynamite Headdy, Ristar, Ecco the Dolphin.

Alisia Dragoon, Castlevania Bloodlines, Contra Hard Corps, Eternal Champions, Comix Zone, Flicky, Herzog Zwei.

Toejam and Earl, Gain Ground, Thunder Force 4, Ranger X, Warsong, Rolling Thunder 2-3, Rocket Knight Adventures.

Ninja Turtles: Hyperstone Heist, Shinobi 3. I think there may be a few I forgot, but that should satisfy you for a while!

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Thankie I had ear marked a lot of these, but you listed many which were not readily available in my mental rolodex; and then a few which I was completely ignorant of but are instantly must haves for me. (How did I not assume there were Genesis Bomberman games for example?)

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Yeah, I wanted to also say that’s an awesome list, and basically the roadmap for all the Genesis quests. :slight_smile:

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Has anyone heard of some of these indie publishers releasing new (or new to america) games on 16bit consoles?

Like im really digging the cut of Little Medua’s jib.

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I was aware of them, but hadn’t looked into it. But we are gonna make a release, too, ne? :slight_smile: