Self-employed dental care (questions)

I am self-employed, and need dental work done. I don’t know how much, but I am starting to have some problems, and last year I had to get an emergency root canal and I would like to avoid that, which means I want to leverage insurance to make it easier to afford before it gets bad.

We had Guardian at my job, but the quote for our family is $256 a month, which seems kinda high to me. What do you think? Any self-employed folks out there dealing with this, or know more about this?

$256 a month is extremely high, in my opinion.

When I had to provide my own insurance in California, I had Blue Shield of California.

Here is a pdf with their dental plans and rates.

It looks like you could cover your whole family for just under $100.

One very important thing to note!! With dental insurance, often times the coverage you actually get has a waiting period. So for example, you could get cleanings covered immediately, but fillings or something greater… there is generally a 6 month period at the beginning where they do not cover it. (You would still get their negotiated rate for the procedure, which generally is lower than if you were paying out of pocket.)

I would recommend calling to get more info.

And actually, if you look at the details in the dental plan comparison sheet in that PDF, you will see the elements that have X month waiting periods before that coverage begins.

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