Sep 5, 2019

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Have yet to win a game of yahtzee against Clover:


Clover and @susan left for a trip recently, today being the first full day kiddo and I got to hang out/home school since returning. It was great!

We did a lot of math, working on place values (perhaps too long), then played the game of dice and chance and strategy referenced above.

Then we read a couple of Greek myths: Midas and the golden touch, and the tragi-weird tale of Alcyon and Ceyx. I got to enjoy Clover walking around turning everything in our apartment to gold; a particular delight seeing em flick through the pages of the books on the shelves, to make sure each page turned! :rofl:

This afternoon we returned to knitting circle, after days absent from the library being closed due to excessive heat, as well as travel. Clover was the only child, due to the school year having begun. Homeschooling, in our intentional experience, provides Clover with an inordinate amount of adult attention and feedback, case in point. :slight_smile:

Afterward we did out shopping as usual, and had a delicious dinner composed of this thing @susan made last night: it’s like a, um, Southwestern style chili-cornbread-bake-thing. I’ll let em explain it. Anyhow, that and what I inexplicably call “Santa Fe”-style quinoa salad leftover from a wedding, and the remaining tortillas from a couple nights ago… I mean to impress upon you your dinner was inferior in every way, and while sorry, I am unable to express such sadness in light of the delectable meal I consumed this very evening.

End log/mic drop. :kissing_heart:


I held a three month old baby for an hour this afternoon because they would wake up every time I tried to lay em down in the crib. For me that means it’s a good day because I still want all the babies, even though I don’t really want more babies. :laughing: