Sep 7, 2019

I’m a virgo. Not that it matters much, but it means this is the time of year my birthday is near. Timing for celebratory things has been kind of up in the air; there have just been too many other higher priority things clamoring for my attention lately.

Mother and little brother came by and we had an introvert party. Good food, good movies, good conversation. Had my favorite chocolate cheesecake that ive kind of relished ever since I was a kid. All good stuff.

It took up most of the day though and im a little tired now. This honestly kind of snuck on me. Its been a very busy few weeks.

I received an Arensbak Troll from my fiance. Ive been somewhat fascinated with Arensbak Trolls for a bit now. We stumbled across them on a vacation in the mountains the other year; and I adore the hell out of them. This brings the total troll count in our place up to three.

Im going to cocoon for a bit tomorrow; and recharge my batteries I think.