Seperating artist / art ; developer / software.


I was unaware of, until today that the lead dev and owner of the repos & forums of Tiny Tiny RSS is an alt-right dude bro.

Amongst other not-so-subtle signs, one can plainly see that the official TT-RSS discourse board, features a “gas chamber” board for off-topic and suspended threads; and he has switched his personal avatar to pepe.

This sort of thing often destroys the software/art/book/music for me personally. I just wanted to grok how other people cope with this; as I ponder software alternatives.


I never confirmed it, but that makes sense. I stopped using TTRSS because I have to feel baseline safe when seeking help in forums. Theirs are toxic.

And that’s why we timestamp!

I’m okay separating artware from devart, but not active involvement. I recommend Newsblur + newsboat, or just newsboat. :slight_smile:

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