Should logs be public?

Can we make logs non public facing for non-loged in users. Talkgroup’s robots.txt is pretty aggressive but I still wouldn’t want something that ignored the robots.txt sucking up my daily activity.

We can get into this, and we can take emergency steps to mitigate issues arising, but the short answer is: the logs shall be public.

The nature of these particular logs are they are public and open. As is registration.

I’m up for discussion, because folks should fully understand what they are getting into here.

Also, I think you have the ability to do so at your level, you can edit your posts. If anyone else has a concern by something they’ve written, let me know (send a private message with links), and I’ll nuke them (not even saved as revisions in the database).

For those at home that don’t know me, I’m all for this suggestion! I think it is important, and I strive to create safe spaces with a variety of contexts. This context is part of a social documentation experiment where we are bumping against some norms. That’s why I want to have this conversation. :slight_smile:

Thats fine, but that means im probably going to back off contributing to logs then. I found myself getting pretty close to forgetting that fact today. Something about a daily log format, in a comfortable environment with a smallish population of mostly froody people conveys a since of safety to me; thats easy to cause me to forget that their publicly view-able by anyone.

Yeah I need to go back and audit January. Its not a likely serious scenario, but Ive been talking to an audience of “froody people who all know Maiki”-here. And not the publicly view-able internet.

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this is why i keep harping on and on about how much i miss livejournal! i had a really wonderful (dare i say froody?) group of friends and we all friends-locked our posts.

i don’t really have any suggestions or ideas or paths forward to add. just that i struggle with this too.

alone but connected but alone?

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@trashHeap is running a Friendica node, and it seems to produce a similar experience as LJ, from my POV. I wasn’t a heavy user, so there are always little things I don’t grok. But that curated, locked experience is there. No idea how private it all actually is.

OMEMO. That’s what I like, for saying things that I don’t want anyone else to see.

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Privacy controls are on a post by post basis and support groups of users. Similar to limiting things to specific lists of friends in LJ, or the wierd bubbles of G+ and Diaspora. Friendica can talk to ActivityPub/Mastodon folks, Diaspora and GNU Social/StatusNet and of course other Friendica instances. Federation is encrypted and done across those lines but some protocols don’t support privacy controls that granular; in which case their dropped. (I think GNU Social/StatusNet is mostly impacted by this.)

Interesting note Friendica has some plugins for cross posting to Dreamwidth a LJ clone by LJ’s original creators.