Simultaneous turns in M:TG

Which big rules would need to change in order to take simultaneous turns in M:TG?

I’m thinking about this, wanted to open it up to the floor. :slight_smile:

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You don’t tap land, then spend, you spend and if you have that amount of untapped mana you can use it. Lands take X sec to recharge.

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Whoa, that’s cool! That’s even faster than I thought, and will keep it mind.

I was thinking of everyone taking phases together. Maybe combine them, so each card in play is told what to do (cast, equip, attack, etc), and then when everyone has put in their turn, it processes, and returns the results for the next round.

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The Personal Stack

Each round of the game is modified and simplified to require less interaction during the round, but allow players to respond to their own “upkeep”, that is interactions that require their input, and have to be cleared before they can submit their next turn.

These Boots of the Planes were made for walkin’

I always loved the idea of “switching” planes as in the Planar Chaos format. Roll a die, maybe switch.

So make each plane distinct, rather than a “game state”, and allow individual walkers to take their army and “go home”. :slight_smile:

This literally means each plane has some attributes, and players have a chance one per game turn to try to walk away. It is multi-dimensional chess!

  • Planes are a form of spell seat: you might see other players, but can only interact with your plane… unless you are like, really good or something?!
  • Each plane is a battlefield (zone)!
  • Each plane has it’s own graveyard!

Turn duration and number of planes should configurable per game. I’d love different gameplay to evolve depending on how long a game runs. :slight_smile: