Six years

I registered on January 1, 2004. Little did I know then that I was choosing my last name, nor did I think it would be the first of many that I would register (I think I have 17 at the moment, but I may be forgetting one somewhere).

This space started as a place to learn HTML, and just have a space on the web. I was a web-geek then, I loved it so much, and I knew that I was going to be “on” it for the rest of my life. Yet, with all that, I didn’t think I would do this as a job.

I had been a “webmaster” before, coding (unsuccessfully) ColdFusion for an educational programs company. It was a fun and brutal experience. I knew there were awesome things coming down the web, but after that year I wasn’t sure I would be involved.

When I registered this domain I was in a turbulent time in my life. I had recently divorced, and at the time I still used terms like divorce. I was heart-broken, didn’t feel like I belonged anywhere, and I didn’t know what I wanted to do. It is funny, I was really free, then. I had no real obligations, and I was more or less emotional miserable. So, one particularly boring New Year’s Eve (the new year, but still dark), I registered a cool word I had learned.

A lot has happened since then, and I hope that a good portion of it has been captures here. I am so happy with how this has turned out, I am constantly trying to get other people to blog. I have a whole platform for it, and most of the domains I’ve registered are for friends. Having a home on the net is a privilege that I want to extend to as many people as I can.

And for me, it starts here. :slight_smile: