Skeleton clues

Clover has an odd fear of skeletons, in that it is obviously artificial and based on depictions in media. I am sure it is most informed by Halloween specials of Little Bear than anything else. So when we read the books from my work, there is a strong reaction to what are very non-scary depictions of skeletons and bones in various configurations.

There is one exception to the fear, and that is the video made for Love Has No Labels.


Same Love was already one of Clover’s favorite songs, so we were glad that e really took to the message in the video, and e loves seeing the skeletons move, and then revealed as real people.

Last night I tried a little experiment. Clover watches videos on repeat, which may be poor parenting on my part, but I also like memorizing things so I allow it for certain videos (like one that examines bias and universal love…), so while C was watching it I opened one of our books and put it in front of em. I figured the positive feelings surrounding the video would carry over into curiosity with all those bones.

And it worked! Kinda, too well.

After five repeats of the video, e had discovered the “3D” glasses in the book, and somehow made the connection that wearing them made em Dr. Bonyfide.

“Hello, I am Dr. Bonyfide, how do you do?”

I showed em how to use the glasses with sections in the book. Later, we went for a walk around the 'hood, and of course the glasses came along. Clover took a look around and saw some shoes hanging from powerlines, and suddenly needed to know how they had gotten there.

“Wait! We need to look around for… skeleton clues!”