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I’ve been thinking about creating a space to provide tech support. But like, I don’t want to make it a big deal. I just want to solve problems. And I was thinking, what if I did it the way I like?


  • make it slow: everyone understands folks will get to it as time permits, so time sensitive items are not gonna work
  • folks help others help them: for any given issue, let’s decide what the most helpful information for a help seeker to share; maybe its logs, or a code repo, or some other stuff, we discuss as a group and determine that
  • gratuity field on user profiles: this is dependent on playing with user profiles, basically having a link to a place to tip a person; this will make more sense later

We have some interesting tools at our disposal. We can mark things as solutions, and create structured tags to make it easy to parse. To start though, I’d just set it up and see what happens.

Thoughts? :slight_smile:

About the Slow Tech Support category

I’d participate in this. Maybe I spent one too many days in a prior life on an IT helpdesk; tipjar asside I strangely enjoy this sort of thing when it’s done at my own pace / as I have time. Especially if it’s helping people use ethical or at least interesting-but-amoral tech.

Debian once had a Shapado instance at I used to log time on several times a week.


I made the slug #tech-support so it is easy to link to, but the category is called Slow Tech Support. :slight_smile:


I put a very small note in the category post, because I figure we’ll just be grown-ish and add guidelines somewhere as needed. Or, ya know, folks will go away when we don’t reply. I mean, this is a good plan!