spacewarez, a gayme

I won’t actually build spaceships in my lifetime (if I can help it!). But I build personal computers all the time. And it’s a lot like building a spaceship, accordingly to video games.

So I’m gonna combine the two and make spaceships out of computers and then let them do spaceship things.

Cargo space is storage, RAM limits active systems, cooling and energy are taken into consideration, it’s actually kinda cool to think about in these terms. Also, I want to fight laptops against each other!

I noticed there aren’t really laptop configurations listed in wikidata. And then I got to thinking, PCs are made of smaller parts, and I started geeking out:

The idea is to +io/hardware, then use it to snapshot builds into a separate system. If we include cost at sale we even have a market for ships to be bought and sold!

Also, it will let us build out accurate snapshots of our own hardware configuration, while allowing us to definitely determine whose computers make better spaceships.


My Ouya as spaceship:

power supply: 12v 1.5amps
ram: look it up
storage: look it up
operating system: android-ish