Spirit of the Century

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I was browsing Spirit of the Century and this section gives advice on placing the game in a different time period, including…

Setting your game in the something-20’s of any other century is also nicely
viable. Going for a near-future game set in 2020 with the first Centurions
of a new millennium has particularly interesting legs. How do the excep-
tional abilities and pulp sensibilities of the characters translate into the
modern world? (This may be a good direction to go if you’re trying for
something that might be a little more familiar-feeling to your players.)


I was only gonna share that one bit, but I will use this to share any SotC thoughts. I’m gonna dump these PDFs, so I doubt there will be many, because have you seen that skil list? Almost everything is improved with Fate Core, and the “knobs and dials” are very easy to turn to SotC theming, so it’s largely redundant. Also, we can stop reading, “darkest Africa”, because frankly I’m not even sure what that means.

Oh, but I did want to show off this gnarly character sheet. I mean, tubular!

That doesn’t make me want to role-play, it makes me want to hack something in a Ghost is the Shell game. :slight_smile:

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