spot carpet cleaner

i got a bissell spotbot pet because cats throw up. i’m trying it out on the car.

it turns out the car is super gross. look at that brown water. i’ve run it like five times on that spot. well… it is from 1995.

it is an amazing little machine, but not amazing enough to remove this decade-old milkshake stain. haha. but it cleans (new) spills and cat puke well. i’ve used it in my room a bunch. it has an automated mode that scrubs a little five-inch diameter circle. it stays put, so it’s not like a moving robot vacuum, but there is a rotating brush inside. it’s fine. it also has a hand attachment that sucks. but i knew that when i got it because the wirecutter told me. i wanted the automatic scrubber functionality.

anyway if you need to borrow it, it’s a good little device and quite portable! i got some fluid for it and stuff. you add mostly water and then add some solution at the end. it’s easy to use.

that’s the other side. it looks like a pet.