Star Trek, memes, a cry for help

again, not a gif, but i think this goes here

i have way too many thoughts about this.

first: i am a fake geek girl and i don’t know the character in the outermost meme. can you tell me their name and what kind of person they are? and like what episode they appear in?

the bottom left quadrant is intentionally left content-free, to better show that the content being named as the “better thing” in the outermost frame is the meme format itself. but to be like the jordi meme, which repeats itself in its “better thing” quadrant, it should have repeated the entire jordi meme in the upper right (the “worse thing” quadrant of the “better thing” quadrant of the main frame), and repeated itself. but shouldnit have repeated itself three times? the jordi meme omits the “content” right half for the mini drake and jordi memes, so i guess it’s okay to omit content on other levels too. hahahaa

i am also trying really hard to find the golden ratio in here somewhere or something

i am also trying really hard to turn this into an exercise about lambda functions, as in, you can pass the function itself as a parameter to a different function, and the reader should write some pseudocode for the memes appearing within themsekves. i am struggling to answer the question “is this recursion?” i thought it was, because the meme format is calling itself, but then i thought it wasn’t, if the meme format isn’t the function but instead slightly different functions

what am i even saying here

ok like what if the meme was a function that returned a hash

var jordiMeme = function(worseThing, betterThing) {
  return {
    nah: worseThing,
    yah: betterThing

jordiMeme(drakeMeme, jordiMeme);

no no that’s not quite right. it’s more like

var memeFactory = function(characterJudging, worseThing, betterThing) {


or it could be an exercise in labeling and retrieving data in objects, like what does jordiMeme.nah retrieve? it retrieves drakeMeme

and then you could ask the students to rewrite it with getters and setters instead of manipulating the object directly

i have really bad anxiety and this is a cry for help

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That is Dukat, a fascinating, difficult, at-times problematic character. Vital to the structure of DS9, which despite how badass ST:STD is, is still my favorite edition. Dukat is at times a Gul, a type of governor-commander in the colony sense.

They appear in 35+ episodes. We should watch them. :slight_smile: