Story ideas

Here are a whole bunch of fragments, seeds for stories to happen. I’m converting old notes, digital and paper, and I have ideas built from webs of these snippets of stories.

Someone will claim to allow one to connect to their loved ones long range, but ends up isolating each person. Each node gets a book of faces…

These books take our their memories of those people, causing them to nearly forget, numbing their pain.

The Hand, an organization that uses wealth and projection analysis to create markets, often before a disruptive event is about to happen.

We turned the power of the stars on themselves. As far as we knew, there had been no such feat in the history of the universe… and now we could search.

But we had only begun to understand the world, and our place in it. We couldn’t understand why our work broke reality. Will we ever?

We synced our worlds and activated our core to port a ship to build a one way base in the next galaxy. Over the next many years droves of scientists and explorers came and settled on serveral planets, in order to establish inter-galactic sync. Then our landing planet gets hit by an event horizon, pulling all the links to it, and breaking from the first galaxy. Now they must reclaim facilities, awaken the sleepers and complete the gateway “home”.

When the station is in orbit over a synced zone, they can induce “weird”, allowing them to manipulate reality a bit; otherwise they can only act as operator.

Some of the capital ships went to a galaxy that had no special qualities, and unable to adjust quanta (maybe a shortage we didn’t understand). They still had simulated traveling, it was post New Earth, and they were stranded.

A new generation has grown up in scarce measures, and while the elders sleep, their vox are put into cold sleep so the ships have enough power. Not even AE are run, to minimize the consumption of energy. Only an advanced battleship with a skeleton crew of 200 have an AE, and a special purpose: go through the rift and find a way to a new home.

Each ship has a shared condeck, but each of them are glitched in a particular way that makes them unbearable, a side affect of the AI turned off. It manifests as a cultural behavior being enforced in order to function normally.

After joining the mission they gain something from joining something greater than their own world. Thought desperate, by learning from each other they develop new ways of surviving!

There are a few million stranded. The years go by… a sterile, super human population of wizard scientists.

The hidden worlds are in an overlay of dark energy and matter. Planets exist in each other’s shadow, but Dark Earth is shattered.

“Storative” land masses hold panpsychic knowledge. Primal spirits are intuited direction, those that sync access an akashic record.

The worlds are “hidden”, panpsychic communities, rejoining the network. Outsiders are becoming more prevalent, but their systems are aggressive to outsides… the gods are on defense.

The worlds are factory worlds, communities no one deemed important enough to reconnect until their cities became large enough to summon “big gods”. Now they are making excursions outside, so the world-breakers are called in.

The chaos and law forces are two extremes, but elements of their drives exist; these folks want to change reality as everyone understands it. The people generate the matrix, they become their gods, they act to protect their reality.

Many world-breakers are jaded, but some are eager to help another world, and take journeys to understand their own world, to better assist “rentry” for a given world.

“mana” - unseen, near unknowable motion of reality; slang: currency, money, fuel, energy.

As a world evolves more outsiders approach. Some outsiders form protective pacts to reopen a world on their terms.

We will learn to transmit energy and information via flora. That is a big deal, especially on some worlds.

Clover gave me this idea when showing me eir “lego phone” made of vines and plant bricks. :slight_smile:

When the communion begins, basically each faith’s pantheon decides how they will merge and it begins a process that can sometimes take hundreds of years, because of the projection model for harm to the system. Humans are not always the priority, and some humans take issue with that, either delaying to hold off possible extinction, or speeding it up and breaking the system.

Gravity allows quantum manipulation, but void allows easier access to other dimensions.

Nuclear waste left in orbits, left to disperse over millennia. Now, a clean-up service is available, but interstellar travel is inefficient due to a galactic transport bureaucracy.

Crash planets into a sun to “send a message”.

What if all the prophets were bartenders? “Tenders.”