Stupid things that tickle me

Here is where I gather the found things that are so, so stupid, they make laugh. :rofl:

I’m doing a Ting, ahem, a thing. At Ting. Anyhow, I saw this:


That is so great! That name! That price! That status!

The mixed paint image on the phone is the MRI for the artist that named something Apple iPhone Xs Max, and then say it is over 1,000 fucking dollars! OMFG! That is almost rent, you fuckers! :rofl:

Just buy cocaine. That is true “Xs”. Just do the coke.


picture is of game of thrones oreos! the oreo is on an iron throne with swords coming out from all directions and it says the names of all the houses in super stark (i’m not sorry) got-font letters in the back in two greys.

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I didn’t want to mention in that thread, but the name “Lannister” immediately brings to mind incest, so I’d say it’s among the worst words to put on cookies!

Also, each time I read that, I see “Fascist Oreos”, and it kinda doubles down on the GoT connection, so extra giggles! :rofl:

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Screenshot from 2020-07-27 11-40-48

Rapper Kanye West criticizes Harriet Tubman at rally


Like, I don’t even know why this cracks me up so much. I just keep thinking, “Harriet Tubman’s got this.” Also, as I’ve said


I’m reading the quotes as “sarcastic”. :rofl:

Oh we’ll “delete it” alright. Sure.


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