SuperTuxKart, the open source Mario Kart clone, achieves beta status with...

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“We are now confident that our code is stable enough for a beta release: 0.10-beta1. This means that we will provide our usual set of binaries and installers for all supported platforms. And hopefully that means that many more people will be able to test this current version. Note that we consider this beta very stable, de-facto very close to a release candidate. But we are waiting for another track to be ready to be included, so we are using this time to give more players the opportunity to test (or re-test) our online racing implementation,” says Joerg Henrichs, Project Lead.

Now I know why we need a game matching service: everyone currently uses Steam of some other game-specific system. But maybe all we need is a checkbox and a list of yer peeps. :slight_smile:

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