Syncthing the things with friends that sync

Have you use syncthing with another person? It seems really awesome for me, until I need to add another device, and I can’t imagine doing this with someone not already bought on it. I guess I’m led to think of syncthing as a very personal tool.

At the end of the day, it feels easier to send folks a link to the nextcloud app and they use they’re same login, easy to understand.

But! For us geeks, we should definitely use it more. It fills that same space as sparkleshare, but with less mono. :slight_smile:

No. It’s more or less not possible unless you want to give everyone +RW to the same collection of files. Thus my occasional need for Jirafeau, otherwise id force my whole gaming group to use syncthing.

I’m pretty sure you can share a share read-only. And that was exactly want I had in mind, for sharing a set of docs, and only update the changes to everyone, and if they link their devices they create a mesh, even on their phones!

So, uh, I’ll look into that. :slight_smile:

Ah you can. Thats just a lot of work for the uninitiated when their used to people just throwing a zip file over email.

I was thinking more the kind of sharing that goes on with Office 365/Google Docs. For individual files.

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Would be cool to do a kind of scuttlebutt net like this. With our better browser, we could ensure it was safe, and sync our personal hyperdoc collection between each other.

I think syncthing and the block sync protocol is interesting. I’d like the idea behind retroshare and friends nets to be like that.

Also, I noticed a syncthing-lite browser! That could be cool for altnet knowledge repos.