talkgroup backups

I do nightly backups for the site, and currently the archive is 106.8 MB.

Interestingly, it fluctuates, sometimes getting slightly smaller. I suspect that is neat compression magic going on with subtle text changes each day.

talkgroup-2019-11-23-033046-v20191101113230.sql.gz 	106.8 MB 	
talkgroup-2019-11-22-033603-v20191101113230.sql.gz 	106.6 MB 	
talkgroup-2019-11-21-033138-v20191101113230.sql.gz 	107.2 MB 	
talkgroup-2019-11-20-033806-v20191101113230.sql.gz 	107.1 MB 	
talkgroup-2019-11-19-033810-v20191101113230.sql.gz 	107.0 MB 	
talkgroup-2019-11-18-033011-v20191101113230.sql.gz 	106.9 MB 	
talkgroup-2019-11-17-033600-v20191101113230.sql.gz 	106.8 MB 	
talkgroup-2019-11-16-033924-v20191101113230.sql.gz 	106.7 MB 	
talkgroup-2019-11-15-033343-v20191101113230.sql.gz 	106.5 MB 	
talkgroup-2019-11-14-033921-v20191101113230.sql.gz 	107.0 MB 	
talkgroup-2019-11-13-033912-v20191101113230.sql.gz 	106.9 MB 	
talkgroup-2019-11-12-033451-v20191101113230.sql.gz 	106.7 MB 	

It’s kinda neat to think we are adding ~0.1 MB every day. I’m reporting this now, to compare later. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah! That isn’t files, er, uploads. I’d have to go lookup the size of the bucket it is in, but I think it is only a gig or so. And it is mostly me having fun with gifs. Also, whenever anyone links to an image we copy it over so we have a “local” copy.

We’ve got a nice machine running here. :slight_smile:


I love seeing our talkgroup katamari ball grow! Thank you for this data!

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27 days later, going the same:

talkgroup-2019-12-21-033110-v20191219112000.sql.gz 	120.7 MB 	
talkgroup-2019-12-20-033815-v20191211170000.sql.gz 	119.0 MB 	
talkgroup-2019-12-19-033157-v20191211170000.sql.gz 	118.9 MB 	
talkgroup-2019-12-18-033300-v20191211170000.sql.gz 	118.8 MB 	
talkgroup-2019-12-17-033110-v20191211170000.sql.gz 	118.7 MB 	
talkgroup-2019-12-16-034000-v20191211170000.sql.gz 	118.5 MB 	
talkgroup-2019-12-15-033137-v20191211170000.sql.gz 	118.4 MB 	
talkgroup-2019-12-14-033409-v20191108000414.sql.gz 	113.5 MB 	
talkgroup-2019-12-13-033330-v20191108000414.sql.gz 	113.4 MB 	
talkgroup-2019-12-12-033701-v20191108000414.sql.gz 	114.0 MB 	
talkgroup-2019-12-11-033021-v20191108000414.sql.gz 	113.9 MB 	
talkgroup-2019-12-10-033132-v20191108000414.sql.gz 	113.7 MB 	

Looking at those dates and the sequence… compression is weird. :thinking: