tattoo artists

i’m not really thinking of getting a tattoo lol but i used to, sorta

  • i can’t even remember how i found this artist, might have been from other artists on instagram linking to their friends, or maybe i was just searching for artists who specialized in watercolor
  • seems to be local?
  • i would have linked to the website in their bio, but i tried clicking through to it and it’s not up right now. this is one interesting thing about using a large, corporate, centralized service like instagram: someone else hosts it for you, and in this once instance, their instagram page is up while their webpage is down. of course there are many drawbacks to using a corporation’s “free” (not really free) services to host stuff you need for your business, and for some people the convenience does not outweigh the drawbacks. maybe this should be a separate topic, but this is part of why i’m so interested in diy networking now. how can we untether peoples’ businesses from depending on things like instagram?
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