Taxonomy for personal email

Since I’m changing the email game I’m focusing on my personal taxonomy for sorting email messages.

So far I’ve got:

  • bill
  • receipt

I’ll add more as I come up with them. Whatcha got?

It’s not just the web; all the network services are starting to suck! Splintering off buckets like this may be the only way to sanely interact with them. :thinking:

  • personal
  • housing
  • purchases


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In addition to some of the folders allready discussed I keep one for every listserv I monitor, and then have rules to mark them into there automatically.

I also have email folders for:

  • old conversations
  • event planning
  • rpg (for local gaming group discussions)
  • travel info
  • recipes
  • support
  • taxes
  • vps-messages (cron jobs funnel info here)
  • digital property (it doesn’t come up tooo often these days, but emailed registration keys get stored here semi permenantly. I’ve got a piece of software or two stored in here two which was actually delivered via email. Most recently I went diving back in there for a collection of genesis RPGs which were packaged up for windows, I had gotten a legal copy of years back.)
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