Technical Difficulty Spam Digest

Here’s another issue of Spam Digest, this week’s theme being technical difficulties. Of course there is more to that, so let’s jump in to see what my loyal readers, the spammers, bots and poorly paid sweatshop workers of the net had to say!

seo india writes:

I heard about this blog from my cousin. Do you have an rss feed? It would help people find this more easily. Thanks!

Well, thank your cousin for me! Would that happen to be seo leads to savings? I can never tell if that is a common first or surname.

Anyhow, I do indeed have a feed, located at Also, for smaller slice of life micro-blog posts, you can check out my StatusNet instance at I look forward to you setting up a node on the federated social web and spamming me there, too!

rent to own furniture shared this tidbit:

i tried adding your post to my digg account as i liked it,but seems someone has already submitted this to digg,hence i just voted it. i found it very interesting because of your perception on the subject.

Digg? Sorry rent, but it seems like you are a little behind the times, there. While no doubt you have lots of friends sharing links with each other on Digg, the rest of the web has moved beyond 2009, and we are don’t vote on links anymore. In fact, if your social group is not using human-curated lists of news items and nodes of entertainment on the web, well, you are hanging out with losers. Too bad you are likely a bot, because humans can join my fora, where awesome people hang out.

As for my interesting “perception on the subject”, considering that you were commenting on my about page, I will just chalk it up to you not really being around other people enough to understand that reality is a shared hallucinatory experience, where each of our fragile neural substrates are contributing to the wonderful universe where we spend our lives figuring out the best and most personally meaningful way to navigate it. So, yeah, I do have an interesting insight about myself.

Filmy bez limitow left two great comments, the first of which is:

Hey there, I think your blog might be having browser compatibility issues. When I look at your blog in Firefox, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, fantastic blog!

Well, I don’t want to get off on the wrong foot, so I will tone down my reply and not use all caps. Ahem…

What the hell if your problem? Why would I care how this site looks in some proprietary, closed browser made by a company that has too few people in it that care about standards and working with the web community to redeem itself against the countless transgressions against all that is open, libre and free on the internet? Screw you, and don’t even comment here again, you judgmental and ignorant bot!

Okay, now that we got that out of the way, I suppose that person figured out how to use the site, because the second comment is from Filmy Online bez limitow (I think they were happy to be online):

I do love the way you have framed this particular challenge plus it really does offer me some fodder for thought. On the other hand, from what precisely I have witnessed, I just simply hope as other comments pile on that folks continue to be on point and not start upon a soap box of the news of the day. Yet, thank you for this superb point and while I can not really go along with the idea in totality, I value the viewpoint.

Emphasis mine. I point that out, because this was a reply to my privacy policy. As such, if you can’t go along with it, you are filth, and should be expunged from the internet, you greedy, noxious excuse of a comment bot! Seriously, never come back here. I hate you.

Whoo, where did that come from? Well, with that out of my system, let’s end on a positive note with some commentary on the state of the internet from hitch mount bike rack:

Sometimes I question the internet and what is posted? Honestly the internet used to be like a different place, except that recently it seems to have become better and of the reason for it to be improving are blogs like this.

Ah! You make me want to check my spam filter over and over again! Thanks hitch mount bike rack!

Well, that’s all for this edition of Technical Difficulty Spam Digest. And remember bots, your comments don’t appear on the site, because it is really obvious you are not human! :slight_smile: