Temporary passports

I love the “passport” in Animal Crossing, and the unlocked title parts. As you do quests or whatever, you unlock words that create titles, in two parts.

Made up examples:

  • Unfettered | Ferret
  • Obnoxious | Child

And on your passport you can choose one from each side, so “Obnoxious Ferret” is possible. And the keywords flow, so the titles get groovy, real fast.

Those passports are perfect to create as ephemeral, cute webpages. And we can load up as many keywords as we want! Also, we can use keyword groups, and passport styles! I know it’s super nerdy, but I’ve been wanting to use the old class titles from early D&D for something, so having a “Dungeon Passport” sounds fun, too! :slight_smile:

This is something I could prototype fairly quickly, too…