Terminating Service for 8Chan

After multiple mass shootings with manifestos (at least one im not sure how many more) posted on 8chan, and a bunch of folks calling for Cloudflare to terminate 8chans service:

Their introspection is particularly interesting in citing rule of law and discussing their discomfort with being arbiters of whose content does and doesnt get to use their service, and for wider solutions that may require “enforcement mechanisms further down the technical stack.”

I feel a little bit wierd the longer I can contemplate their hand wringing on this subject. i get their discomfort, but their also in the perfect place to start or lead a cross industry discussion on what the norms and procedures ought to be. They should you know, do that. Call up their peers. Reach across the aisle. Do it. Instead of hand wringing and waiting for others to do it for them.

It feels little like they want to have their ethical principle cake and eat it too.

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