The horrible screeching sound from above

Continuing the discussion from Notes on 2018's home displacement:

I am entering into something akin to psychological horror. Anyhow, there is this very strange, up, scraping sound. And vibration. From, um, next door? The roof? The unit underneath…?

We shut everything down, ready to sleep. The sound gets louder. Louder. How is it getting louder still, as if angry, a malicious intent to pull down, blow away, drown in the hungry rain outside, already having a taste of the warmth inside.

A loud, firm knock at the door. Is that… creaking? Upstairs… on the roof. Another firm knock. Knock.

The property manager has come to retrieve the keys to the unit we were staying in. There is a rotorooter plumber person, working pipes to which something horrible has happened. So horrible that they had to enter in the unit next to our downstairs neighbor, to fully access the pipes, and now there are more people running around knocking stuff off my walls and cussing over the howling wind outside, because none of us want to be here, but none of us own the fucking building, because the waking nightmare is the way we live our lives and structure our living dynamics as a society.

Wake me up from this nightmare. Let me sleep.

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