The more we get together...

Susan was able to get a video of Clover singing with em knowing. It starts out with Clover's rendition of the refrain from The More We Get Together. The next part is the naming of our friends, as e begins...

"...Pocoyo, Ellie, Gautham, papa, Judy, Gautham, Judy, Diana, Justin, Liz, momma, papa, Maggie, momma, maiki, momma, momma!"

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delightful, delightful, delightful!!! I feel unspeakably honored. You can see the wheels turning as e shuffles through names. And the way those eyes light up on “momma, momma, momma” — “she’s right here,” you can see Clover thinking, and looks up and it’s true! Susan’s right there, where she’ll always be, for Clover, and I take comfort in that, somehow. Thank you for sharing this moment, and for your boundless love.