The mundane decisions that make Mediawiki such a pain

Mediawiki is easily one of the most influential pieces of software made. Which makes its oddities all the more frustrating.

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This will be one of those braindump threads where I drop a bunch of weird related issues that spawn individual conversations/solutions. I’m posting now because of Discover Basic Fantasy RPG, where @trashheap recommends:

I want to respond to that, but I can’t right now. T_T

See, I’m over here in sysadministrivia still. I haven’t figured out which structured database system I’m going with, haven’t decided on a single wiki versus a bunch of wikae, or even where uploads live (because do I really want to migrate files later, or do I want to stash them in object storage from the get-go?).

My next question will be like for video games and BBS: what is the data model for tabletop retroclone RPGs? But I can’t even get into that right now, because it is yet another whole other knowledgebase I’d be starting before getting anything in place.

So, folks, I’m reading everything. But I’ve got a lot to do in the meantime. On top of also always trying to make money to survive, etc.

My hope is that if I start talking through the walls I’ve run into, you folks will be the sounding board I need to get out and over my head, and make some stuff happen.

And I’ll start with this question: what warrants a wiki? Hmmm, I’ll ask separately.

I’m way tired, but I just wanted to add to the original topic: my name isn’t fucking Maiki. That’s amateur hour. And it is really difficult to get Mediawiki to not call me that, and fuck with all these other systems that rely on my cognitive ability to recognize my own fucking name. So in Mediawiki I am マイキ.

It serves as a reminder: there are more people in the world than I understand, so I need to always find the new inclusive, as well as we are in this together from now on. UTF, motherfuckers.

By the way world, I didn’t make naming me personal. I was gonna let it slide. But you made it personal. Remember that.

the maikimeter readings on this are OFF THE CHARTS but the older charts were measured in different units, so it’s not easy to do a systematic comparison until we write a script the converts them all to the desired unit, but it has to have functionality for each different unit. all i know is the readings are Very High

i didn’t even do that on purpose

begins singing “measure in looooove…” softly; trails off

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