The particulars of fine, liquid processing

Continuing the discussion from Tea journey:

I have an essay in me, but several in queue, so here is memory bookmark: I’ve noticed a correlation between my ability to generate liquid forms of raw materials and my quality of life.

Three things that I couldn’t do when homeless, or near homelessness:

  • Make tea from loose leaf plants
  • Store and apply inkwells to my writing method
  • Store and vaporize cannabis matter

My ability to extract use from those materials help me tremendously. And yet, most of my life I’ve been in a situation where I was not able to extract those materials due to lack of resources, particularly living space, funds, and emotional stability.

There is also a narrative of thinking I would become an engineer but act more as an alchemist: my technology definitely has an effect, but is more art than science. I don’t melt metals and craft artifacts, I mix careful amounts of materials with strange implements, while staining my fingers… all to manipulate, control my mind. (And sometimes I craft potions that make me a really great engineer!)

The tea journey entry shows that with support from @susan and others I was able to slowly gain my own lab, and now I’m able to make fascinating and interesting results! :slight_smile:

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