The platform will live if I will it

I see this idea, called “organization”. I say org for short, but it means the same thing to me, which is to say a lot. It means a lot to me.

Talkgroup is an org. It is where I organize conversations, hence groups of talk. Turns out having a fun JavaScript interface to remix conversations, and using the same API to manipulate the data programmatically, well, that’s my jam.

I also organize themes of conversation. These are categories. So far they are more for my personal projects, of having a bit set for parsing the data. However, it will very slowly become more important. Because we are creating new patterns of tooling with many-to-many broadcast media, and we have ways to scale as our effort increases.

It also allows me to organize people. Oomph, weird, I know. But I’m starting to embrace it. I suspect one of my powers is a hybridization of creating weak and strong bonds at once. But as I organize things, people with aligned paths need a place to discuss this with me.

Also, have you noticed we’ve nearly inadvertently put together an amazing skunkwork indie FOSS game development team, right there in the background? Organization.

All the codes is an org.

I kept code there. And issues. Oh the issues!

The plan is to replace it with a cgit instance and run it as a shell community. I’d like to archive interesting hit repos there.

I used GitLab for years, and its fine. But not for one person working with lots of different folks. I needed Basecamp, but got is just code centric, no reason to tack on issue tracking that way.

Now I want to move support elsewhere, and let’s face it: probably email. I track my work as I like, and others do their own thing, and we communicate via MIDI email. Because email is also an org, but a special one where nearly everyone is doing it wrong, so just abandon it already! :slight_smile:

“Issues” aside, I like git and repos and versioning. Software development is wiki activity! And cgit gets it done, as a practical middle ground between centralized curation and sharing widely; it should be one of a network, a meta-org of code repos, mirroring each other.

interi is my dope meta recursive interi org, which itself lives at ha. Hahahahahahs.

Okay, so there I am kinda organizing, oh I don’t know, one persons life? Everyone’s life? The world through one kaleidoscope?

But it is important, and is the way I encourage others to learn and apply. Because HTML, for better or worse, is the archival system we have, and will certainly be more portable to whatever is next.

Also, I org my life. Yeah, I said it.

There’s another org I maintain, and that’s what this is actually about. Because it is gonna change, and I’ve got reasons.

I organize real time communication and chat based computing with jabber. I’m doing some cool stuff with it, actually! I organize a lot with jabber, and want to do even more, because while I’ve been looking for a novel shiny thing, jabber has been there cranking along in the background.

I want to organize bots, to assist in building our future by making humane automation accessible to anyone with a jabber ID. Also, to roll dice. Other important things, but gaming is also important!

I want to organize communications for human orgs that mean well but send folks to Discord.

I want to encourage federated use of this valuable tech that solves more problems than it creates, and just think about that criteria for a moment.

I already do this. And that is hard. Because I have this egotistical connection to my ID as expressed in URLs. And if I let that go, split off jabber into its own service, then the overhead for me as a steward becomes greatly lessened, and I’m able to offer more services to the solar punks. Hence the new alignment.

And that’s why I’m going to make a jabber community server. Slow interi style.

I just wanted to mention, that a long while ago when google dropped bidirectional XMPP federation from google talk, and first started flirting with hangouts. The tone on the XMPP administrators listserv was very much “Well we will keep going and one day they will learn from all their mistakes yet again. When they are ready for us, we will still be here.”


The sentiment persists! It’s caused quite the snikket!

talkgroup is a public hypermedia discussion layer.

Sorry for the confusion.