The warez exhibit

The quest machine is chugging along, and we are finally making a warez directory!

The individual pages themselves are going to be quite plain to start, and will be prone to iteration until we find something that works. The index for this section, however: I want to do some random art.

I was thinking of exploring the idea of “warez” as a word and cultural signal. I didn’t have much use for manuals or box art, but maybe I could grab those and logos from various warez and remix it into some kinetic collage, randomly constructed at build time.

Any ideas or inspirations?

I was thinking of looking like a bathroom at a cafe with a strong overlap of hipsters and punks, covered in sharpie and bumper stickers. This overlaps with my commentary that warez are complex logos, representing the people producing it as much as the people using it.

Also, I want to do all kinds of wacky CSS transforms. See all the ways we can use the cascade to warp branding. :slight_smile:

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