The World, a talkgroup

Our family needs a place to discuss the history of people, how they evolved and spread over the world, and how we fit into a larger system. So I’m proposing a talkgroupd: #the-world.

particular instances of people, individually?

Yep. We read a lot of biographies, I’d like to note and link folks with more context, such as events and places.

@susan got me these books from a series called “Vocabulary Energizers: Stories of World Origins”, which explains words with examples and stories, and then the “Rad Women” books, these are inspirations.

Clover was listening to an audio book of biographies and listed all these names to look up later, covered an entire sheet of paper.

Also, I realize I kinda walk around the world in museum-tour mode, I read every placard, try to imagine what a place was like. I would love to pull up and share photos of Oakland over the century, to show how different the recent past is, so we can be bolstered to move forward and be radical. :slight_smile:

But for the purposes of this I’m gonna keep it light on contemporary details on folks. I don’t want to collect data on humans, I want to share their stories.

I fully expect my posts to read like first drafts of Drunk History episodes. :sunglasses:

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