Things that made me laugh a lot, maybe you, too?

Here are some things that made me laugh. Add your own, and we could have a thing going!

I got a radio tuner and now I’m opening garage doors from my apartment like a mad man (more like I did it by accident because I was trying to pick up my thermostats lol)


It reads like a mad-lib, and you can read it on a loop and it makes sense (well as much sense as the quote in the Laughing Man avatar).

ME: Put in once and that’s it?
IOTAC: no u take it out every season
ME: so there’s handles?
IOTAC: no.
ME: oh.
IOTAC: the back is covered in a thousand exposed razor blades

— Ebert, but spooky (@horsedivorce) October 4, 2020

However, Geoffrey Pullum, the linguistics professor who originally defined the term snowclone , states that “X-gate” is only a “lexical word-formation analog of it, an extension of the concept from syntax into derivational morphology”.

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(“National Championships in Pistol and Walrus”).

“You can lead a horticulture but you can’t make her think.”

Given to us by Dorothy Parker!

Also: Algonquin Round Table - Wikipedia

A number of Round Tablers were inveterate practical jokers, constantly pulling pranks on one another. As time went on the jokes became ever more elaborate. Harold Ross and Jane Grant once spent weeks playing a particularly memorable joke on Woollcott involving a prized portrait of himself. They had several copies made, each slightly more askew than the last, and would periodically secretly swap them out and then later comment to Woollcott “What on earth is wrong with your portrait?” until Woollcott was beside himself. Eventually they returned the original portrait.

OMFG that is hilarious!

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I just heard a story of someone having their phone auto-correct a text message to their adult grandchild:

just had sex and my car needs oil change

Which just gets more and more :rofl: each time you read it!