Time Hammer!

Well, this is awesome:

So, not only are they making a game that uses open, standardized technologies, but they are also releasing it as an engine under an open source license (specific license pending). Give them monies!

Christopher Flanagan said:

We finished Time Hammer without funding, but you can still give us monies!
You can play it in chrome at and I’ll try to get a user friendly engine package up soon as well. I am thinking about putting up some tutorials on youtube.

Good to hear. Also, I was able to play in Firefox. Not sure if that was a recent push or not.

Christopher, where is the code for the game hosted? I can’t find a link to the sourse or the content on the site.

Christopher replied:

I still need to package the source code for download. It’s coming soon.

Would that this time hammer were a time time hammer!

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