Tims one month exercise challenge.

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I doubt anyone else will care about this; but I am on a journey of being less weak.

Here is my goal:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday:

  • 20 x 3 pushups, growing to 25 x 3.
  • 20 x 3 crunches, growing to 25 x 3.

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday:

  • 5 min x 3 sets of jumping jacks.


  • nothing planned.

This is a baseline of fitness I want to get back to. I was there for 2007-2013 and it was great.

I’ll be just replying every day while I do this. If I can do it for one month, I think it’ll be locked in. So, from now until March 11.

I can do this!


:white_check_mark: Day 1, Monday:

I totally did it all, and feel fine. Which is highly suspicious. I stretched like crazy before and after, but I still think I’m going to be sore tomorrow.


:white_check_mark: Day 2, Tuesday:

Did all the jumping jacks! I left my last set until right before bed, and I almost didn’t do it, because I’m tired.

But I wanted that sweet green box check! :slight_smile:


:white_check_mark: Day 3, Wednesday:

Push-ups and crunches FTW. They were MUUUCH harder this time.


:x: Day 4: Thursday:

I didn’t make it. With the power being off and all, I just never got around to the jumping jacks. :confused:


:white_check_mark: Day 5: Friday:

Pushups and crunches done! Easier than Wednesday, which is nice.


:x: Day 6: Saturday:

I never did my jumping jacks. I don’t like these red X’s !


:white_check_mark: Day 8: Monday:

Push ups and crunches done! even easier than Friday, I may ratchet up the amount I do.