I didn’t want it to be known widely, but I’ve gotten back into mudding. Well, mud server-ing. Just as Minecraft has the game most people play, and the game that server admins play, I am getting into something way more interesting, but also much more complex.

The last time I was mudding I just used the default terminal emulator in whichever distro I was using (maybe Slackware…), and eventually used zMud (back when I was a gamer that used Windows, which means the hot game was Counter-Strike…). This time around that option isn’t open to me, so I am going around trying out different clients. One I’ve heard about is TinTin++, and it turns out it has a historic place in client development, just like how most mudlibs point back to only a handful of codebases.

Anyhow, the INSTALL is straightforward, but if you are not use to compiling your own software, here are the quick instructions, used in Ubuntu 12.04:

Install the requisite prce and zlib libraries.

sudo apt-get install libpcre3-dev zlib1g-dev

Download the TinTin++ software. Change to the directory were it is and open it:

tar zxfv tintin-whateverversion.tar.gz

That will create a directory called tt. Change into the src directory, and then run the commands to configure, make and install it (we use sudo so it is installed for the entire system, rather than a single user).

cd tt/src
sudo make install

Now you should be able to launch it from the terminal by typing tt++. :slight_smile: