too many images?

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heya, @maiki! are we hitting some kind of bandwidth limit for images? hmm. maybe i shouldn’t try to wild-goose-guess-diagnose before i tell you my symptoms. the symptoms are: most of the pictures load as super blurry splotches of color. i’m on my lappy right now using wifi at home.

i’m about to upload a picture to show you x_X

what are the image storage capabilities of this discourse instance? and what’s the … bandwidth… thing? limit? i don’t even know what i’m asking D:

Nah, we’re good. I think that has to do with caching and resizing and be patient.

Eventually I’ll move the assets to a CDN, but we use very little of local storage (not a challenge!). :slight_smile:

Discourse resizes media to a bunch of sizes for easy viewing by everyone. But my server is old, and has quirks, and sometimes takes a while to do the thing. It will maybe get better.

On the other hand, I like it because it sloes everyone down, so I am not looking to “audit performance”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also, I didn’t intend to host files long term. That will be an interesting conversation! The gist of my thinking: we move everything important into a long term archive. Discourse has a feature to delete media that is no longer referenced, so that can manage it on our end.

I’m gonna move all my photos into Probably yours, and everyone’s here, except in a respectful, non-creepy, slow way. I want to show the future we were here, not hurt the people already here.

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