Town Fridge + People's Open Network + Fruit By The Bay

Town Fridge <3 People’s Open Network?

Every Town Fridge could have a PON node, perhaps with donated bandwidth from the same entity donating power for the Fridge. That way someone coming to pick up or drop off food could also get free internet access while nearby.

Extras: sensors (open/close, weight over time…) and LEDs that are connected to the mesh so volunteers could see how much the fridges get used, and control the color of LED lights from the mesh HAHAHA

Where I’m at with this:

  • I know the location of two Town Fridges
  • I know who donates power to one. I pitched donating bandwidth via pon and I was a big overexcited and overwhelming I think, and while they said it sounded cool, they declined at this time haha.
  • I talked to some folks at PON about this, but just ideating so far, no actual getting nodes to fridges yet.

Fruit By The Bay <3 Town Fridge?

Fruit By The Bay (aka fruit jesus and his business partners) should deliver amazing fruit and veggies to Town Fridges all over.

Where I’m at with this:

  • I’ve talked on the phone with Christopher and also signed up to be a customer and met him last Wednesday when he delivered my first box. It was delicious.
  • I have seen one fridge with my own eyes.

To do:

  • get location to Christopher
  • help work out whether they’re donating the fruit or if we’re going to like crowdfund some donations in our community to pay their business to deliver fruit or they’ll donate leftovers only or they’ll get farmer’s market to donate or something
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These are neat ideas.

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