Trends in Spam: I'm a liar

It is a little weird, but I think there are patterns to spam. For instance, take a look at the three comments from three different blogs (don’t worry, they are funny):


There are so many web-sites like this! Nothing special and nothing original! I will never come back here

And then over on Game Notes:

Seems different from your previous posts. Did YOU write this post, or someone else did? Anyway, I think your readers really enjoyed reading it.

And finally, the blunt accusation that Journal Cloud is a conspiracy:

Hey guys! You know what I think? I think that all written here is bullshit, real lie. They are making us believe it’s true, they are trying to express it like it was in reality. Don’t believe it if you are not insane! There’s nothing special in this site, they just express regular news with unusual words. They can make something shocking out of anything! Don’t trust them!

Fascinating! All coming from Russia, of course. Though it isn’t as bad as being hated by the world for starting wars, how much does it suck to be the spam haven of the world? Well, one more trend, sent to Akismet.