Turning off Mastodon

Apparently some stuff happened with a user named snowdusk and the SDF folks, and while I could ask around and find out what happened, that it isn’t easy to ever find anything out with SDF, I’m leaving the SDF mastodon instance.

I could go elsewhere, but I’ve got not activation energy for it. Every time I use Mastodon I wish the handful of folks I followed were on talkgroup or I had a feed to subscribe to.

So for now, Mastodon’s off. I’ll just rely on the email and jabber as my only federated social networks.

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I haven’t logged into mastodon in a year or more. It just seems to be a constant of the universe that unadminstered online social networks get sick.

I have just been thinking of starting to use Mastodon and was going to ask here if you folks had good instance suggestions… :frowning:


@judytuna and @trashHeap know stuff.

I’m not a micro blogger. Its fine. I need you micro bloggers to act as my proxies, so get on a good instance, one that’s a coop or something. :sunglasses:

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I just don’t even know how to find one

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@malatesta (awesome username btw) i just wrote about this: Choosing a Mastodon instance and why i joined · Public Raw Notes from Agaric

(hi btw i was checking this out at the invitation of @judytuna whom i met at Allied Media Conference which is where that question was also posed.


Welcome @mlncn , and thanks for the rec and writeup. :slight_smile:

@malatesta, I’ve considered joining, and will if I return; of course if you all are on there, I get my proxies and you get your froody server. :sunglasses:

Welcome, @mlncn, to our little talkgroup! Happy to see you here!

I found my old Mastodon login info, so I can follow yall there too. I have barely ever used it, but I think I followed some other Mastodon users a while back. I’m at: judytuna ( -

What about yall?

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Hi, @mlncn! Looks interesting, thanks for sharing! Looks like a good place to join.


I’m at: trashHeap ( - LGBTQIA+ Tech Mastodon

It took me a while to find an instance I’m happy with after I left the SDF instance. (Though over presumably different reasons than the current SDF-issues I suppose.)

Probably would be on, if they didn’t seem to have a new member freeze every time I decided to jump mastodon instances.

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I see .lgbt and I’m like, oh, cool, and then I notice tech., and I’m like, ugh.


Ya’ll… I jumped on on the tildeverse NNTP news server last night and damn is that simple and fun. #justsayin

Been meaning to check that exact thing out. I was musing a year or more back that people should build an alternate NNTP network, and then realized Tilde-folks had.

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