Tweaking the Ghost theme

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Continuing the discussion from Let's theme talkgroup for 2019!:

Okay, we have this cool theme installed, called Ghost:

Problem: it imports from Google fonts. Boo!

So I commented out that line. And I was going to upload the relevant fonts to the site and rewrite the CSS to call the appropriate files… but gah that is sooo boring. So instead I went and installed the two fonts locally and it is super fun and I wish more folks did this, so:

roboto-condensed-v17-latin-regular.ttf (35.3 KB)
overpass-mono-v4-latin-regular.ttf (43.2 KB)

I actually installed Overpass Mono from the Fedora fonts repo, which is super cool!

If you have them installed for your system or user, the site should pick them up and render as the creator intended, sans linking to Google’s servers. :sunglasses: