Two years of postmarketOS

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Well, that’s just a whole bunch of devices getting various levels of support!

One notable for @judytuna:


We are publishing this blog post by coincidence one month before the online services of the Ouya Android gaming console get shut down. Once this happens, the once highly anticipated crowdfunding sensation will be as useful as a paper weight with the original software stack. However, it is possible to install postmarketOS on it. Moreover @ryang2678’s patches allow running a slightly patched 5.0 mainline kernel and use the grate free software userspace driver to get accelerated graphics with its Tegra 3 SoC. The latter is not exactly stable so far, and audio support is still missing, but this is a nice foundation for expanding the lifetime of a gaming console that should surely be able to run a bunch of retro emulators for the next ten years.


Ouya will make damn cute Kodi + emulation boxes once this stabilizes!