Twodays Crossing, an ephemeral roleplay campfire

Join me!

We will have our own “workspace” that’s visible to people who join using this invite link:

It is syncing to my little earthstar pub.

About Twodays Crossing: Text fades after 48 hours. The hours have names, and they correspond to seasons with winter being gmt 0 to 5, I believe. Right now, it is the hour of the candle.

Development is happening in real time! GitHub - earthstar-project/twodays-crossing: A roleplaying chatroom where your action are forgotten after 48 hours. It’s really fun.

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I have deployed my own copy of the application to heroku:

Use the same workspace invite link, and the data will show up! It may look different, because I’ve deployed my branch new colors that change depending on the “season” (we go through four seasons in 24 hours). I am so so pleased to see the hour of the rainbow in spring, and a green background.

One thing kinda fun about developing on twodays-crossing is that I can mark the passing of time when the hour name changes. This is because in real life, time no longer has meaning and everything is a grey haze. lol.

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